VTCT Hair and Beauty Skills L1 and L2

The VTCT Hair and Beauty Skills qualification suite is designed to enable students to perform hair and beauty skills and techniques on themselves and other students whilst developing their understanding of hair, beauty and hygiene products.

These really important self-care skills help learners to mix well with others, whether in an education or work environment.

All of the modules in this popular course have been designed as a foundation for further study, both in the hair and beauty industry, as well as across broader vocational fields.

This course teaches students to develop a broad range of practical hair and beauty techniques involved in creating a total look and includes skills such as:

  • Creating your own hair and beauty image
  • Applying make-up
  •         Applying face paints
  • Painting nails
  • Caring for skin
  • Caring for hands

Meet Your Tutor

Chloe Horine


Chloe is the Vocational Tutor for Hair & Beauty at St-Eds. Chloe worked in the Beauty Industry for 14 years before joining St Eds, so she is extremely experienced. Her career started on cruise ships, making clients feel fabulous whilst travelling the world. Since then she has built her knowledge through management, merchandising, retail, and as a trainer for an aromatherapy skin care brand. Chloe gets great satisfaction from working with her students and watching their successes, particularly as they become more confident with the use of their skills. Chloe’s passions are helping others to feel good about themselves, and the science behind skincare.

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