St Edmunds Society has for many years been offering support and opportunities for young people throughout Norwich and Norfolk as a whole. During that time, we have built on our own experiences and provided a complete wrap around package of emotional and welfare support for young people. This has enabled them to begin to achieve both their potential and aspiration by improving confidence in their own ability with consequential benefits in personal participation and attendance.

As a result, we are now encouraged to offer access to our process to Parents and Carers, Schools, Colleges and Learning Providers struggling with a young person’s needs.

Headed by an experienced and qualified social worker supported by a highly experienced team, St Eds Outreach Support is a pastoral outreach service like no other in the region which can support parents and carers struggling to understand how best to manage and perhaps improve the negative behaviours often displayed by students, both collectively and individually.

St Edmunds Society Outreach Service

Schools, Colleges and Learning Providers

If your students are:

• Putting their school/college placement at risk through behaving negatively;
• Struggling with emotional difficulties;
• Have low self-esteem and or confidence;
• Displaying risk-taking behaviours;
• In family breakdown;
• Refusing or struggling to engage with professional support.

We can certainly help…………

A tailored package might entail an initial meeting with the school/setting to establish level of need, 1:1 support with the young person to assess need, home visits to parent/carers to establish their views and parental support required, arranged support within the college/vocational setting and much more.

Meet the Welfare Team

Parents and Carers

Are you a parent that is struggling to understand your child’s behaviours?

Do you often feel that nobody understands and that you are not being listened to?

Would you like some support to find practical solutions for positive change?

We can:
• Provide support that meets the differing needs of all school age students so that each is equipped with the skills to cope with life.
• Understand and help improve hard to manage behaviours;
• Support students to address social, mental, emotional and physical needs;
• Build and maintain an atmosphere in which students feel secure, encouraged in their learning, growth and social development and know that they are valued within a healthy and safe environment;
• Reassure parents/carers that their children are being educated in a safe and nurturing environment;