Childcare & Therapeutic Art

The Therapeutic Art course focuses on providing a space in which students have the opportunity for self-expression, whilst learning key practical skills. Methods and materials include printmaking, graffiti, textiles, drawing and painting, collage, book making and mixed media sculptures.

As well as having the opportunity to explore a range of different methods and materials, students are also encouraged to follow their own areas of interest and given freedom to take inspiration from anywhere to develop their work (music, gaming, films or comics are just a few examples). This course gives students the chance to pursue individual interests whilst developing broader practical skills.

Meet Your Tutor

Kirsty Bradbury - Childcare and Therapeutic Art Tutor

Kirsty Bradbury

Kirsty is our Therapeutic Art Tutor at St-Eds. Kirsty considers it a privilege to help students to say what they think and show others how to see the world in a positive and creative way through therapeutic art lessons. She has many qualifications for teaching art including an NVQ BA (Hons) Fine Art NUCA. Within her broad experience, Kirsty has also been a silversmithing tutor for Adult Education and has had training on Arts Award Advising. Kirsty is a very developed and accomplished tutor. She has a high knowledge of art and possesses a passion for all she does.

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